Jun. 22, 2018 by

Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow. – Carrie


Just Be a Duck

Jun. 19, 2018 by

When a mother duck wants to walk across the road and get to the pond, does she just wait calmly until her ducklings all get into a perfect little line?


The Scary Brown Bear in NYC

Jun. 13, 2018 by

This is what happens when your nightmares come true in NYC!


The Maxi-Pad MacGyver

Jun. 5, 2018 by

This is what happens when you use a maxi-pad to wrap an injured knee on your 5-year-old.

Trash Bag Curtains

Jun. 3, 2018 by

This is what happens when you make trash bag curtains.


May. 31, 2018 by

Life appears to me to be too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrong. – Charlotte Bronte

Technology Fail…

May. 29, 2018 by

This is what happens when you kill your computer by melting it to the bottom of a pan.

Mega Mantras: What and Why

May. 25, 2018 by

Mega Mantras are short phrases you repeat to yourself throughout the day. They should align with what’s most important to you at this moment, this day, this lifetime.
1) The words remind you to make conscious choices throughout your day.
This aligns your priorities with your behavior and actions.

2) The repetition reprograms your subconscious.
This helps you to focus on what you do want rather than what you do not want in your life.

My Example:
“I’m so grateful I have love in my heart, health in my body,
and am so calm and patient throughout every day.”


Good News!

May. 24, 2018 by

Drumroll Please….  I just signed my book contract with Morgan James Publishing!
I’m beyond thrilled to be working with them and so grateful they want to publish my work.
Special thanks to writing coach and mentor Dan Janal and acquisitions editor Terry Whalin.


What Do You See?

May. 23, 2018 by

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. – Helen Keller

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