Mary Spio is amazing… her story is truly inspiring and fascinating!  Plus, she offers what she learned in her years from “a barefoot child in Ghana to a real-life Rocket Scientist.”

My three favorite quotes from her book:

Tenacity – Expect challenges and keep moving “when we plant a seed, don’t keep uprooting it to see if it’s growing.” 

Failure – “Game changers achieve uncommon success because they are able to learn the lessons that failure always brings.” 

Embracing Differences – “Sameness leads to stagnation and ultimately decay and death. Diversity is not just a nicety. It is a necessity for survival.”

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I love this book for two reasons:

#1 – The authors link building wealth to helping others

People who give… CAN build substantial wealth and ARE MORE LIKELY to do it in a sustainable and big way.

#2 – They lay out specific, out-of-the-box, real tools and tons of inspiring real-world examples for people interested in building their own businesses.

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This book is not for everyone… but these take-away points are DEFINITELY for everyone:

#1 Our job is NOT to change or control others (sorry folks)

#2 We are NOT here to all act the same as one another

#3 We are NOT here to agree on the same rules and beliefs and laws

Therefore, it’s OK for us to act and think and believe differently from each other.  If we can release our judgement and negative emotions whenever we interact with people who think or act differently, we will be happier, calmer and less defensive. 

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Status Update on My Book:

May 23rd: Received a CONTRACT offer to publish my book!! (5/24 Signed it!)

May 12th: Got calls from one literary agent and one publishing company this week! No decisions made yet. Will sit tight another few weeks and see what else flows in. Feeling super grateful!

May 8th: Finished sending query letters and proposals to 45 agents.

April 30th: I just finished my proposal! So excited and happy to be done and ready to start sending out to literary agents!



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