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There are 80 million books and websites about how and what you should eat. But, that’s not why you’re reading this. Or, you’re going to be disappointed. My goal is to give you the tips and inspiration to feel calmer, happier, and mentally healthier as a human. I’m not saying stop drinking, starve yourself, or eliminate chocolate. I would never say that about chocolate. But, more and more studies show food is as effective as drugs. Food can impact you in fantastic ways or in awful ways.

You know yourself best. For instance, I know if I drink too much wine, I get headaches and cannot sleep. Tito’s Vodka with soda water and a splash of cranberry is my current drink of choice. If I eat cereal with milk first thing in the morning, I feel sick to my stomach. If I forget to drink water regularly, my head starts pounding by 3:00pm.

We all have different genetics, cravings, and allergies. If you pay attention, you can tell which foods make you feel crummy, and which make you feel amazing. You know when you’ve eaten too much or not eaten enough. You know when your body might need a lower dosage of alcohol or sugar or coffee or when your body needs more greens and veggies. You know water is good for you and, you know too much of anything is bad news.

Notice what you’re eating… How do you feel?

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