Thank You San Diego, California!

Thank You Boulder, Colorado!

Thank You Niagara Falls, New York!


Thank You Detroit, Michigan!

Thank You Tempe, Arizona!

Thank You San Francisco, California!

Thank You Austin, Texas!

Thank You Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Thank You Dayton, Ohio!

Thank you Cincinnati, Ohio!


Thank You Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Thank you Appleton, Wisconsin!

Thank You Baltimore, Maryland!

Thank You Detroit, Michigan!

Thank You Buffalo, New York!

Thank You Louisville, Kentucky!

Thank you Mammoth Caves, Kentucky!

Thank You San Diego, California!

Thank You Las Vegas, Nevada!

Thank You Newport Beach, California!

Thank You Appleton, Wisconsin!

Thank You Costa Rica!

Thank you Costa Rica for your sweet early morning glow, your sunlight stripes beaming through the forest canopy, leaves incandescing with excited abandon.

Thank you for your friendly cows and your galloping horses, your tiny slithering snake coming by to say ‘chow’ before bedtime.

Thank you Costa Rica for your peaceful watery world where I zoomed and floated about, like an astronaut weightless in space thousands of miles away.

Thank you for your delectable papayas and pinas, your rice and plantains prepared with such love and care, like tasty bits of gold absorbing into my every cell.

Thank you Costa Rica for your hundreds of steps up the path to my little cabina of bliss in the sky.

Thank you for your magical underwater majesty and the dive instructor “Risky” who taught me and kept me safe 58’ beneath your glittery ocean surface.

Thank you Costa Rica for the raucous fraternity of toads, making us jump up to scream and laugh each time they began their clamoring song.

Thank you for the big leap off the bow of a pirate ship, the delicate music, the sweet tangy drinks and the savory orange sunset gleaming just above your horizon.

Thank you Costa Rica for your teaming ball of grunt fish, swimming together like a delicious collective consciousness, allowing me a temporary membership in their secret community.

Thank you for the calm quiet inspiration to write and for the beautiful women gathered together to learn and listen and grow on the inside as one does in these moments.

Thank you Costa Rica. I hope to return soon to your wild and pure embrace.

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