Stretch Marks: The Retreat

Friday, March 8th to Sunday March 10th

CIVANA Spa Resort in Carefree, Arizona


  • Rest, Relax, and Sleep in a CIVANA Resort Guest Room for 2 nights
  • Indulge Yourself in fine, healthy food at CIVANA’s Terras or CAFE meto
  • Get Clear and Get Inspired in the five Stretch Marks Mini-Workshops
  • Release Your Endorphins with tennis, pickleball, hiking, yoga, swimming, or biking
  • Reinvigorate Your Body in the Saunarium, WatsuPool, and thermal circuit
  • Immerse Yourself in the fireside ritual of Intention Burning
  • Sit Back and let someone else drive you to shop and hike in Carefree and Cave Creek
  • Take Home a Stretch Marks Goodie Bag with special keepsakes
  • Treat Yourself to spa treatments at 10% off in the 22,000 square foot CIVANA Spa
  • Enjoy wireless internet in guest-rooms and all public spaces


All-Inclusive Price (Double Occupancy) $899 (Package Value $1,575)
All-Inclusive Price (Single Occupancy) $1,199.00 (Package Valued $2,149)


CIVANA was born out of a desire to make wellness more expansive and approachable. Grounded in the philosophy of wellness through oneness, we believe in the sustainable interconnection of the individual, community and natural environment.
CIVANA is a place for the traveler to rest, nurture, nourish and discover in both playful and impactful ways. We encourage all to Seek Deeply, Travel Lightly, Live Fully.

Property Address: 37220 Mule Train Rd, Carefree, AZ 85377

The Schedule


3pm to 5pm – Arrivals

5:30pm Welcome Dinner at Terra

7pm to 9pm – Stretch Marks Workshop #1: Smash your iShoulds, flaunt your faults, and let go of the guilt.



Morning Options: sleep in, take a walk, enjoy the saunarium, read, swim, lounge, or join the 8:30am Zumba class. (Breakfast at Terra or CAFE meto)

10am – 12pm Stretch Marks Workshop #2: Identify your Top Five priorities and clarify what tools work best for you based on your individual lifestyle, personality, and values.

Lunch Break at Terra or CAFE meto

2pm – 4pm Stretch Marks Workshop #3: Parenting tools and tricks for discipline, minimizing competition, and modeling the traits you most want to encourage.

Evening Options: hike, nap, swim, journal, spa, hike, read, join the 4:30pm wall-yoga class, meditate, or have a glass of wine fireside. (Dinner at Terra or CAFE meto)

7pm Intention Burning Fireside

8pm-10pm Stretch Marks Workshop #4: Uncover your baloney beliefs, create a gratitude practice, and challenge yourself to forgive.



Morning Options: sleep in, enjoy the saunarium, read, swim, journal, run, or take an extra long bath (Breakfast at Terra or CAFE meto)

10am – 12pm Stretch Marks Workshop #5: Learn how meditation, mantras, and visualization can help you feel calm, get clear, and achieve your dreams.

Get calm, get inspired, and get ready for next phase of your life at a Stretch Marks Retreat.

This wonderful getaway will allow you the TIME and SPACE to rest, rejuvenate, and refocus your life

in a beautiful, relaxing resort setting.


Space is limited and applications will be accepted on a Monthly Basis. For more information:




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