Upcoming Retreat Dates and Locations:*

October 2019 – Carefree, Arizona

February 2020 – Cancun Yucatan, Mexico

April 2020 – Carefree, Arizona

October 2020 – Tamarindo, Costa Rica**

Inquires: Please send your name, contact information, any questions you may have, and which date/location you’re interested in to stretchmarksretreat@gmail.com.

*Retreats are limited to 12 women in order to best maintain an intimate atmosphere where women can connect, share, release, and refuel themselves.

**This will be a 7-day retreat, all-inclusive collaboration between Stretch Marks and author, herbalist, and nutrition expert, Jovanka Ciares!

Thank you to the incredible women at our Civana, March 2019 Stretch Marks Retreat!

Civana Resort – March 2019

The Schedule


3pm to 5pm – Arrivals

5:30pm to 7pm – Welcome Workshop and Orientation: Smash your iShoulds, flaunt your faults, and let go of the guilt. Identify your Top Five priorities and get clear on what works best for YOU.

7:30pm to 9pm – Cocktails and Group Dinner @ Terras

Amazing retreat. Highly recommend to all moms out there. – Beth Dubber Corey


Morning Options: sleep in, take a walk, enjoy the saunarium, read, swim, lounge, or join the 8:30am Zumba class. Fuel up with a healthy breakfast at Terra or CAFE meto.

10am – 11:30am Stretch Marks Workshop #2: Parenting tools and tricks for discipline, minimizing competition, and modeling the traits you most want to encourage.


Lunch Break: Treat yourself to some “me” time, eat a healthy meal, and maybe hit the pool.

One of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Thank you Amber! And if you are a mother, a woman, a believer of self discovery, truths and betterment, start planning. Plant the seed with your family now that you are going away for a few days and when the next retreat comes, go! – Kayo Libiano

2pm – 3:30pm Stretch Marks Workshop #3 Uncover your baloney beliefs, create a gratitude practice, and challenge yourself to forgive.

Evening Break: hike, nap, swim, journal, spa, hike, read, join the 4:30pm wall-yoga class, meditate, or have a glass of wine fireside.

5:30-7pm Stretch Marks Workshop #4 Using meditation, mantras, and visualization to become calmer, more focused, and more effective with your limited time and energy.

7pm Intention Burning Fireside

7:30pm- 9pm Group Dinner at Terras

I can’t put into words what this experience has meant to me…at least not yet! Such a wonderful shift. The personal connection and attention was truly amazing! – Kate Armour


Morning Options: Sleep in, enjoy the saunarium, read, swim, journal, run, or take a long bath. Grab a delicious breakfast at Terra or CAFE meto.

10am – 11:30am Stretch Marks Workshop #5: Closing Workshop and Life After Stretch Marks

Get calm, get inspired, and get ready for next phase of your life at a Stretch Marks Retreat.

This wonderful getaway will allow you the TIME and SPACE to rest, rejuvenate, and refocus your life

in a beautiful, relaxing resort setting.

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